Cultural Intelligence
for leveraging differences and discovering your global potential

Cultural diversity is a reality of a globalized world. It penetrates every sphere of contemporary life.

We must embrace diversity in order to stay successful.

"The Other" has many faces: clients, domestic and international partners, management and staff.

Cultural Intelligence is the capability to relate and work effectively in culturally diverse situations.

Cultural Intelligence is a science-based method that indicates the path you need to take to master communication and help to foster relationships within foreign environments, independently of their cultural codes.

About Cultural Intelligence (CQ)


CQ® is...

..the capability to relate and work effectively in culturally diverse situations. evolution of studies on Intelligence Coefficient (IQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and is an academically validated concept, tested in 98 Countries with a sample of over 150 thousand people.

...a soft skill that can be measured and therefore improved.


Why CQ Matters

Success in culturally diverse markets

Cost savings

Stress and emotional burnout reduction

Multicultural team effectiveness

Organization and Innovation

Culture is not a part of the game...
Culture IS the game
Louis V. Gerstner Jr

IBM CEO (1993-2002)


of international ventures fail due to cultural differences
(International Labor Union)


of leading executives from 68 countries who name multicultural leadership as their top management challenge
(Economist Intelligence Unit)


the first year expense of moving an expat overseas, many of whom fail
(Economist Intelligence Unit)

CQ Applications

Principal target groups

  • Multinational, medium and small organizations
  • Individual leaders/staff assigned to positions abroad
  • Educational institutions
  • NGO policy makers and staff
  • Military personnel
  • International relocation companies
  • HR consulting firms

Who We Are

Luisa La Via

Certified CQ Consultant
Leadership Coach
PCC International Coach Federation

Michela Lazzè

Certified CQ Consultant
Certified Teacher of English
to Speakers of Other Languages

Francesca Garofalo

Certified CQ Consultant
Coach PCC International Coach Federation

What We Do


Consulting for

  • Business leaders working across cultures and dealing with domestic diversity
  • Expats
  • Top Management, HR Managers, CSR Managers, Diversity & Inclusion Managers, Internal & External Communication Managers
  • Small/medium businesses aiming at internationalization and export
  • Multicultural teams including virtual teams
  • Governmental/educational institutions
  • Nonprofit organizations working in international contexts

Services Offered

  • Administering and interpreting the only official CQ test
  • Tailor-made development programs for improving one’s CQ
  • English language empowerment as a fundamental multicultural competence
  • Individual / team or group coaching sessions across Europe or virtual classes
  • Post-training support and progress tracking


Please contact us to learn more about CQ and share your views, doubts or questions